Jan 4, 2007

Homeless Man In New York City

Homelessness is a big problem in the world. You could be an orphan who was sent out into the streets or you could turn up homeless if you get kicked out of a house and a family if you're doing drugs or stealing. If you have a husband and you get divorced, then you might become a homeless person because you might not have enough money to take care of yourself or your kids. Some people have jobs which they can lose. This is a problem because if you are old...you might not be able to get a new job for yourself. I am sad for homeless people because they have no one to live with or take care of them. Whenever I see a homeless person, I think...how did he or she become homeless? I look at them and I just think...what are they going to do on the streets? How can they survive? My parents take homelessness seriously. One time in California, my mom saw a homeless man on the street and asked, "Are you hungry? Would you like me to buy you some food?" He said, "Yes." My mom bought him a soda, a burger and fries from Burger King. Once at Desert Ridge, we saw a man with a sign by the freeway. We bought the man a subway sandwhich and a coca cola from Smoothie King and drove back around the exit to look for him. He had walked across the street but finally we found him. My brother brought the food to him and he looked surprised. He yelled, "Thank you." Another time... in Rocky Point, Mexico...we gave homeless kids gifts. It made me really happy for the kids. At first, the kids seemed scared to open the boxes because they didn't know what was inside them... but then, they were happy because when they opened them... they saw a whole bunch of good stuff. I'm learning that you should not always give homeless people money because they might do bad things with the money but you should give them gifts, clothing, shoes, food and prayer. I think it's good to provide homeless people with things they need so they feel happy inside.